“Copy. Paste. Memory.” is a mixed media video installation that consists of four memories. Each memory is reconstructed, re-enacted, fantasized, and re-visualized by combining its fragments, objects, locations, feelings and sounds into a meticulously organized forensic investigation board that invites the viewer to take part in investigating the truth or rather the representation of truth.
Created during my Masters degree studies at Bezalel
In this new kind of storytelling, the investigation board introduces new types of media and formats that mix past and present old and new, now and then. Just like a memory.
Memory is illusive. We remember selectively, just as we perceive selectively. We have to go over perceived and remembered events in order to figure out what happened, what really happened. The brain is not a Reality-Recorder. It doesn’t retain a perfect replica of events that occurred. Something that happened in real life is encoded, stored, and then retrieved, visualized and imagined. A reenactment of what happened, in your mind. You can really see it. Feel it. But it’s not real. It’s not there anymore. It’s a memory. Rebuilt. Rewound and played back in your mind. In your private recorder and your private projector. No one can see it but you. It’s yours. And you’re sure it’s true.​​​​​​​
But the brain distorts. It can confabulate, deny, suppress, and confuse, and more so with the passage of time. We assemble our picture of reality from details. Bits and pieces of experiences that we try to combine into a consistent narrative. We collect all these pieces together. Different kinds of pieces. All scattered in the brain. And then somehow, they’re supposed to fit together and become a whole. Become a memory. It’s never accurate. It’s almost destined to fail. It’s contaminated at its core. This was my starting point
I was there. I saw it. Felt it. Smelt it.
I was there. All my being. My entirety.
In a specific moment, time and place.
Now what’s left?
A memory.