“Uncertified Copy” is a forensic video installation that consists of four memories. Each memory is reconstructed and re-visualized by combining moving images, fragments, evidence and sounds into a meticulously organized forensic investigation board that invites the viewer to take part in investigating the represented “truth”. 

Created during my Masters degree studies at Bezalel  |  Photographed by Daniel Hanoch
In this new kind of storytelling, the “live” investigation board, moves and changes in an endless loop; reorganizing the memory narrative, and creating a void that introduces new types of digital media with dated photographs and documents that mix past and present, old and new, now and then.
Just like a memory.
Memory is illusive. We remember selectively, just as we perceive selectively. The brain is not a Reality-Recorder. It doesn’t retain perfect replicas of events that occurred. Something that happened in real life is encoded, stored, and then retrieved and imagined. Reenactments of what happened. The past - Redesigned. You can really see it. Feel it. But it’s not real. It’s not there anymore. It’s a memory. Rebuilt. Rewound and played back in your mind. In your own private projector. An uncertified copy of the past.